Freya Alvar American escort in Berlin calendar

Freya Alvár Current location and tour dates

Current Location: Berlin


5 February 2020 - 17 February 2020

Location: Berlin

19 February 2020 - 20 February 2020

Location: London

23 February 2020 - 1 March 2020

Location: Berlin

2 March 2020 - 5 March 2020

Location: London

Our Meeting

So where to find me? While I’m based in Berlin, I often give in to my insatiable wanderlust. I’m not the easiest girl to pin down, so to speak.

Here is some information on my more frequented spots. Keep an eye on my calendar page, and you might just catch me.


My rates are bespoke, depending on where we meet and what we get up to our time together. Drop me a message and let’s get planning.

Fly me to you

Fly me to you or let’s take a trip together. I’m an adventurous spirit and my tastes are diverse. With my knack for discovering what’s off the beaten track, I’m the perfect companion with whom to explore a new city. I love theater, jazz clubs, museums and all the trappings of urban life, but I also have a penchant for the outdoors and harbor a constant craving for the beach. I’m cosmopolitan glamour meets nature goddess. I’ll be sure to awe you with my elegance, whether I’m dressed up in heels and a black dress for a night at the opera, lounging by the sea tanning my long legs, or waking up next to you with tousled hair and a cheeky smile.