Freya Alvar American escort in Berlin info

Freya Alvár Escort info

Current Location: Berlin

A bit more about me…

My name is Freya. Tall, blonde, and most often found speeding on my scooter around the backstreets of some European capital, I’m the Bond girl of your fantasies.

At 5’11’‘, I’m recognizable by my modelesque figure, exquisitely long legs and naturally lithe body, toned from regular dance training. I exude a natural grace and glamor, matched by the alluring warmth of my blue-eyed gaze.

My international upbringing spanned both sides of the Atlantic, but I’ve retained the Californian accent and laid back attitude from a childhood spent mostly on the beach. I have a handful of languages under my belt, as a result of my extensive studies and continuously nomadic lifestyle. I currently balance escorting with academic and artistic pursuits.

I’m a charismatic and engaging conversationalist, and good conversation really does turn me on. Indeed, my insatiable intellectual curiosity is inseparable from my erotic drive.

“I bought abandon dear, And sold piety for pleasure. My own free spirit I have followed, And never will I give up lust.” –Abu Nuwas