Freya Alvar American escort in Berlin what-to-expect

Freya Alvár Escort what-to-expect

Current Location: Berlin

What to expect..

I am a passionate person, and take great pleasure in giving in to my playful and indulgent nature. I relish the warmth and sensuality of intimate encounters as well as the exhilarating possibilities of new adventures.

In meeting me, you are in for an unforgettable liaison with a beautiful and intelligent woman. Whether we spend hours or days together, you will get of a sense of the real me- my sense of humour, my passions, my random anecdotes and deepest desires. I love what I do and give fully of myself.

I am genuinely bisexual, and attracted to people of all genders. If you have a partner who you would like to explore or indulge with, I love to be invited as the guest in a threesome. Alternatively, I can invite one (or more) of my gorgeous friends to join us in bed.

For my part, I seek mutually enjoyable encounters with like-minded individuals. I focus on developing authentic connections with discerning partners, based on mutual trust and respect as well as discretion.

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“I bought abandon dear, And sold piety for pleasure. My own free spirit I have followed, And never will I give up lust.” –Abu Nuwas